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In  2017 at the plant of ”RIFAR” a pipe welding workshop was built. At the same time   ”Severstal”  at the Cherepovets Metallurgical Plant began steel production according to the technical requirements of the RIFAR company. One of the main requirements for cold-rolled steel products, in addition to the requirements for physicochemical, mechanical and geometric properties, is the requirement for serious corrosion-protective properties. Continuous metallurgical processes for the production of low-carbon steels do not exclude the presence of non-metallic inclusions in their composition, which significantly affect the resistance of steel to pitting corrosion.

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Such corrosive non-metallic inclusions (CANI) can lead to accelerated corrosion and failure of the entire product. JSC "RIFAR" together with PJSC "SEVERSTAL" developed technical requirements for steel and introduced into the production of heating radiators both new CORREX steel and the method of its control for the presence of CANV. The organization of incoming control of rolled steel using a full-fledged metallographic laboratory and step-by-step methods for controlling the stages of pipe production allow us to guarantee the best performance of our products.

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