Production technologies

The choice of technology and its development — a difficult and responsible task in the production of a product. Almost everything depends on production technologies in radiator: geometry, repeatability, tightness and service life.

All  main production processes of the enterprise are under the  control of the quality service.

The purpose of such management is to select a production technology with optimal step-by-step transitions and mandatory metrological support.

Based on the data of research laboratories, the enterprise has built a chain of interconnected technological processes that ensure continuous mass production of products that fully meet the requirements of design documentation.

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The test methods developed for assessment of product quality include not final operations for evaluation of paintwork and the tightness of products, but and the full cycle of analysis of materials, their interaction in different environments and modes of operation. Such a set of measures, along with high engineering potential of the enterprise, helps to form not only high performance characteristics of products, but also industry quality standards of production.

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